Happy birthday nation love you(143 Zion)

Dear mama,
Thinking of you
I drift off to further understand
Fruits from love of God and fellowship with He(that teaches all, knows all )

Not sure”mama.”is the 1st word i said..
But am sure after God knew me
He chose your womb to be my place
Of solitude
54 years ago a nation
Was born
And today we celebrate
Its people smile in cheer
Joyful in tear

A tear
With a smile also
And luke will still say
Am beautiful☺
26th august 2003
Your beautiful baby girl
Got her farewell spank(courtesy of plan unpack mama’s stuff)
And a hug has always spoken a fresh understanding of love..
Love love…

Nation ohh nation
My nation
God uphold thee surely
Before you thee trails God trails
Every work He blesses
A glimpse is what we’ ve seen of what He began in you dear nation..
He is sure to complete what he starts…
He Not a man to lie…

Your loving,
Baby Girl …….
God bless you mama..
I love you sooo very much..


In his sleep from his rib you was embedded then
God saw it was good(whole)

Got his rib
Saw she was perfect for him
To be his side by side person
Forever and always will she stand
By him

In a generation where she beats the odd wears the CEO tag is testimony that the rib was the bud,the seed that grows,the treasure that has ability multiply since she was the origin of multiplication

so she strives hard day and night hustling two jobs one with high heels on and another with flip flops all this to make it
She does all this to measure up To the standard but she’s told she can’t make it something like”abakyala bakukola ewakka” women should only work at home

As she toils to measure up to her standard their yells convincing her standard to theirs that says she isn’t good enough .

Oh woman
A teacher and the 1st classroom God places us in(ur womb)after
He has known us
A 9month semester of kicks from the best footballers even Muhammed Ali was in went through ur class and see how far ur teaching and persistence got him because u chose to be a mother

a stature,caliber, race, an origin is stepped on, trampled on
made to feel the least in society,
Yet a reservoir to withhold pain, abuse,torture
At point break she falls down on her knees to pray for the world .
Ohh the gift that’s embedded within her utter most and deepest parts no creature would understand
But woman they shall always know about…

But despite all this they know about women
They still are the least looked upon. Woman should be royalty she’s a princess in the eyes of the beholder so why don’t you see it

Even the great shaka,a warrior mourned and had everyone he knew drop a tear
I can’t help but wonder
What treasure you carry
A woman
a kind that
seeketh the face of the lord
Strength and honour her clothing
For her case a man of God must leave his father’s house that she might multiply everything that has to do with him

A generation
An additive to demonstrate value to existence
a royal priesthood she’s a princess in the eyes of He
That has an understanding for
Her keeper and beholder(he knows beauty) see it
In her or see it in her…
She is a woman.


John C Maxwell in his book intentional living says “In life, it is not what we get that makes us valuable. It is what we become in the process that brings value to our lives.”

Talk about life and what it has to give, what questions coming running into your brain ? Trust me a lot of questions coming rushing in like why, what, where, how, who etc. but what makes sense is the fact that you have breath right ? It’s funny how life is like the best teacher for us all. Great people, successful people have a big story to tell you about how they got to that success .

Some of these include AlbertSchweitzer, Franklin, Dr. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Clara Barton, Albert Einstein, Sigmund fraud, Helen Keller and many more, Some of these great and successful men and women were discovered to have come from poverty struck homes, difficult parents, a broken home, some of them were rejected, lived with parents who Were over possessive, psychological torture by their parents fighting all the time But they all managed to make it to the top and becoming the best at what they do and are now known worldwide as great men and women in history

But question is “HOW”they made it to the top trust me you, the stories they have to tell are tremendous and life changing. It was hard, it was tiring, But despite all they went through they still made it to the top because of strength, support, discipline, character and so many So this is my question to you “what are you making life be to you”

Despite what life brings before you, are you going to fall or rise up and dust yourself and keep fighting every single day, they say nothing comes to us on a silver plata and I used to believe it was the privileged that connected well with this statement because it seemed to me like they received everything on a Silver plata but a person I know told me that “no matter how much property, money, privileges that your parents or family hold, it’s not yours until you make your very own” and understand the way work is, it makes more sense to eat off your own labor it’s satisfying

Life is a great teacher actually life is the greatest teacher and I believe and can say that our lives are a daily lesson to us living, so today is today tomorrow is tomorrow , what can we do with what we have availed to us I believe that with every opportunity that we have daily we can make it our best to better our selves and the people around us

The statement at the top makes so much sense now “it’s what we become in the process that brings value to our lives” . All these people we look up to “I want to be like this person when I grow up we keep saying” but do we sit down to ask what happened, what became of them to be the person they are if so then, are we ready to give up some things we love, to strive hard every waking day, to better ourselves in the best ways possible to really be the best. When doing something make sure you do it to your best

Life is life put God first and all the rest shall fall in line but be the best at what you are doing

A Special Tribute to the Mothers

So today is Mother’s Day . And we celebrate them because they are special persons on this earth and for our families. Mothers out there are so enthusiastic, resilient, caring, loving some times i even loose words that can best describe mothers because if not for them so much would be a mess

A loved one once told me that mothers never forgets their children and even go a head to remembers all the children they have buried that’s how strong a bond of a mother is

Mothers out there struggle day in day out tirelessly to make sure their child is happy on a daily. So shout out to all mothers out there in what capacities they hold they all are SPECIAL

Not forgetting even the ones that are already gone. The fact that your gone doesn’t mean that we seize to remember your existence. Trust me even when your not around you still remain strongest in our hearts and lives. We still hold you in highest regards for the support, care, tireless nights that you put up to make the family happy.

To the mothers soon becoming, we pray that you never stop being the bridge to the family, to the community. To the women out there please never stop being you. Be a light, be a bridge, be an anchor, never stop or seize falling on your knees to pray for the family not just the family only but for other women, for the community, for the church,for your husbands, for your children and trust me things will never be the same